Working From Home or Returning to the Office?

Whether your company is working from home, staging office reentry, or falls somewhere in between the two, our solutions and team of purchasing experts can help support your office every step of the way.

The Future of The Workplace

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Work From Home Solutions

  • Surprise employees with Snack Boxes
  • Send them essential office supplies
  • Set up Employee Stipends so that your employees can shop based on their needs
  • Option to build a limited catalog of company approved items for purchase 

Returning to the Office

  • Sample supply lists of new items your office may need 
  • Vast network of vendors for masks, sanitizer stations, new kitchen needs and more
  • eBook guide of precautions to consider when returning to the office 

Staged Reentry

  • Source supplies for those in the office as well as those working from home
  • Find balance in supporting both groups evenly 
  • Manage all orders in one central platform
  • Receive proper cleanings in between groups in the office

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  • All-in-one platform to manage orders, shipments, payments & reporting
  • Expert purchasing agents to navigate your orders on your behalf
  • Network of knowledge partners for further office return consultations

OfficeLuv Features

Bringing the office to your employees

We've partnered with top snack box brands to send your employees a morale boost. Option to include a note or customize as desired.

Send Snacks

Build a custom supply kit to send to your team, or let them shop based on their own needs, whether its home office improvements or basic supplies.

Send Supplies

Say goodbye to expense reports and reimbursements with Employee Stipends through OfficeLuv. Track all spending in one place while your employees have the freedom to shop based on what they need.

Employee Stipends

Supplies needed for office reentry

PPE & Sanitization



Kitchen Goods

Snack Program

Learn more about OfficeLuv's solutions for...

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