Returning to the Workplace

As states begin to reopen, many companies are starting to plan their eventual return to the office. No matter what this timeline looks like for your organization, there are things you can do now to work toward a successful office reentry.

Back to the Workplace Solutions

  • A vast vendor network and dedicated sourcing team to simplify your ordering
  • Pre-built supply lists for PPE & Sanitization, Disposable Kitchen Items, Single-Serve Snacks and more
  • Centralized platform for ordering and tracking deliveries
  • Expert purchasing team manages your orders and handles potential backorders on your behalf

Supplies and Sourcing

  • OfficeLuv's "All Things Considered" eBook is a framework for new policies & practices to consider for office reentry
  • Product Book available to view categorized items that may be necessary for the new workplace
  • Problem solving, guidance and consultations available with our customer success team and knowledge partners

   Office Expertise

  • An extra set of hands to assist with scheduled disinfecting of high-touch points throughout the day
  • Attendants for office entry check-ins or other new roles needed in the new environment
  • Schedule outsourced deep cleans with reliable vendors

Attendant Services

How does it work?

  1. Onboarding Call: Schedule a quick conversation with an OfficeLuv rep to gather info and determine your office's needs.

  2. Supply Selection: We can help you select products and program options to think through every aspect of office reentry and build supply lists within your account for easy ordering.

  3. Get Started: Order supplies, track deliveries, pull spend reports and track your budget all in one platform. 

Get Started with OfficeLuv

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